If you’re noticing that your vehicle is running hot, you could have an issue with the cooling system.

There used to be a time where antifreeze was antifreeze but, with today’s newer vehicles, the antifreeze is specific to each individual manufacturer make and model.  

Keeping the system clean is pivotal to the performance and over time, the radiator can build up deposits that can clog pipes and lines within the system.

It is important to flush the system according to the manufacturers recommendations and to change the antifreeze seasonally using the designated coolant for your vehicle. This will ensure that your vehicle's system won’t freeze up in the colder weather.

If there are bigger issues than a flush or replacement, Groff’s Automotive will diagnose the problem by performing a pressure test.  This test checks the hoses, caps and connections determining if they need to be repaired or replaced. If we determine that they do need to be replaced or repaired, we can give you a fair, honest quote on parts and labor.

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